Plant Delights Nursery 2013 FALL SALE – 20% OFF

20% OFF – Shop plants HERE!

Agave_ocahui_var._ocahuiWe’ve just completed our fall inventory and as often seems to happen, some of the coolest plants didn’t sell in the numbers that we’d hoped so we’re left with extra inventory…the nature of offering so many non-mainstream plants. Consequently, and because we need space to propagate and pot new plants for spring, we’re offering those 200 plants at 20% off.

The sale plants must be ordered by midnight Sunday November 3, 2013 and scheduled to ship or be picked up no later than Friday November 8, 2013. Quantities are limited on some items, so sale prices are only valid while current stock lasts.

Because our cost of doing business is less on the website, this sale is only available for orders placed on the website.

Crinum x digweedii Connor White (62899)
Crinum x digweedii ‘Connor White’

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