Plant Delights Nursery 2014 Spring Catalog now Online!

Dear PDN’ers

Happy New Year from Plant Delights Nursery!

The 2014 Spring Plant Delights Nursery print catalogs have “left the building” and are in the mail to our active customers. In the meantime, you will now find all the 2014 plants on-line including a record 131 new plants at 2014 New Plants.

Spring 2014 Cover Art
Spring 2014 Cover Art

You’ll also notice our website has experienced an “extreme makeover” that’s been 16 months in the making.   To improve your online experience we’ve added many new features:

  • An improved product search with characteristic refinement capabilities
  • A perennial encyclopedia listing every plant we’ve ever sold, along with a chance for you to vote on which plants you’d like to see offered again.
  • Completely re-organized site/shopping format to make plants and information easier to find
  • New plant articles in our articles section
  • The opportunity to shop for plants either by grid or list view
  • An enhanced educational photo gallery
  • An enhanced wish list feature
  • A new section, called Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re extremely excited about our 2014 new plant offerings and hope you’ll feel the same.

Baptisia 'Blue Towers'
Baptisia ‘Blue Towers’

Through the year, we’ll continue to showcase photos of some of our favorite plants on our Facebook page…we hope to see you there.

Please enjoy the new catalog and website in what promises to be a great gardening year for everyone!


4 thoughts on “Plant Delights Nursery 2014 Spring Catalog now Online!”

  1. Great 2014 site. Was wondering if you ever carry
    Yucca elephantipes variegata? Tough as nails and no
    spiny tips. Mines 6′ in a #15 and has produced more suckers than I can pot up. Let meknow what you think. Best to you all. Glenn Fryer

    1. Hi Glenn, No we have never carried that particular Yucca. We stay away from the tropical yuccas and concentrate on the hardier yuccas.

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