Plant Explorers in Raleigh



Last evening, 100 attendees were treated to the Plant Explorers Symposium at the J.C. Raulston Arboretum. Plant Explorers from around the country shared their travel and plant tales, headlined by plantsman Dan Hinkley.

The front panel, from l-r, Ozzie Johnson, Greg Paige, Dan Hinkley, Scott McMahan, Mark Weathington, and Andrew Bunting.  Symposium attendees included nine participants from our recent mahonia summit.  Many of the group will be at Plant Delights today for our open house, so be sure to say hello.   Our open nursery and garden weather today is sunny with high temperatures predicted near 60F!

2 thoughts on “Plant Explorers in Raleigh”

  1. Would love to have the PDN $25. gift certificate to purchase and plant the following:
    Hosta Faith #5464 or Primula Zebra Blue #7455 and/or Helleborus xhybridus-Painted Doubles #9747. They would all look lovely in our garden yard!

  2. Denise Acquista

    If I were selected to win, then I would choose Bartzilla peony. It has both traits of herbaceous and tree peony. The best of both worlds in this exceptional plant.

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