Sprucing up the Garden

The Serbian spruce, Picea omorika ‘Blue Sky’ is looking lovely at the base of the Mt. Michelle waterfall this week. We think the color of the spruce foliage nicely echos the nearby agave–a combination you won’t see in most gardens. We’re always on the lookout for more spruces that tolerate our heat and humidity.

Picea omorika ‘Blue Spruce’

2 thoughts on “Sprucing up the Garden”

  1. Of all the small-intermediate size spruces, which seem to actually handle the southeast humidity best? (I’m in Atlanta) I’d love to buy a Picea Abies Pendula, but I’m hesitant after losing too many spruces and firs in the past! Thank you!!

    1. We’ve had great luck with most cultivars of P. glauca, P. abies, P. omorika, P. pungens, P. orientalis, and P. mariana. Of course, there are always specific cultivars of each species that may not fare well, so it’s not a easy as simply picking an adaptable species. Picea glauca ‘Conica’ and ‘Sander’s Blue’ are miserable performers for us, while other clones of that species are fabulous.

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