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Loropetalum, Loves and Lies

We’ve been fascinated with the woody plant genus Loropetalum since the late J.C. Raulston first distributed the pink-flowered forms, which had just come into to cultivation in the US, back in 1989. Since those original plants were propagated and sold, many nurseries have tried to one up each other with a barrage of new introductions.

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We have seen the light…and it is a laser.

For 35 years, JLBG has used white plastic garden tags to label all 27,000+ taxa of plants in the gardens at JLBG. Although, those tags have been functional, they are far too easy to become hidden and then crushed underfoot. Several years ago, we switched to adhesive computer generated tags which were attached to the

We have seen the light…and it is a laser. Read More »

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