Weather or not…

We had an interesting end of the day Friday, when a microburst/funnel cloud, complete with an abundance of 2.25″ hail, passed over the nursery and gardens.  Colocasias were immediately transformed into Monstera deliciosa…aka Swiss Cheese plants. Eighteen irrigation pipes in the nursery were shattered along with the roof of our potting barn.  On the bright side, our compost pile will grow considerably after we finish raking debris.  

Our little weather encounter pails in comparison to our gardening friends in Texas and Louisiana, who are beginning the recovery from Hurricane Harvey.  Mercer Botanic Garden just north of Houston was under an 8′ deep raging river for 3 days.  Crews are still accessing what will no doubt be catastrophic damage. 

We’ve yet to hear back from our friends at Shangrila Gardens in Orange, Texas, but can’t imagine the news will be good since the main feature of the garden is the incredible canal that traverses the garden.  

Peckerwood Gardens in Texas tells us they came through in decent shape, loosing mostly mulch…a far cry from the devastating May 2017 floods.

If you’re in the region of these gardens and have some time, please check and see if they can use volunteer help. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Harvey!  Now, all eyes on the approaching Irma.




2 thoughts on “Weather or not…”

  1. So very sad re. Texas. Also your “micro-burst” which can be devastating. Live in the Chicagoland area, so in lieu of physically being in Texas, I sent much needed $$ there.

  2. That part of the storm just missed us in Smithfield. So sad to see the damage, and so sorry for everyone in Texas dealing with Harvey’s aftermath right now.

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