Yucca torreyi

Yucca torreyi PDN003 in flower3

Yucca torreyi is flowering in the garden now…so spectacular.  This is one of those plants that we just couldn’t get people to purchase when we offered it, so we discarded the remainder of our crop last year…what a shame.  We could always be convinced to propagate more if folks show it some love!

5 thoughts on “Yucca torreyi”

  1. Lived in Colorado in recent years where yucca is quite common. Fascinating to watch this lovely plant come into bloom. Beautiful archetictural element to have in a garden. And I learned that the flowers can be eaten. The bloom stalk (scientific term ?) reminds me of a giant asparagus before the blossoms open.

  2. I love yucca, though I don’t have room to plant one. I remember when I lived in North Carolina there was a beautiful clone called “Ivory Tower” planted all over the UNC Chapel Hill campus. It had lovely outfacing flowers that resembled lilies. I don’t see it around now that I have moved north.

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