A Pool of Blue

Occasionally some plants engender the reaction that it aught to be in most gardens, followed by the disbelief that it is not seen just everywhere. Who wouldn’t want a pool of cobalt blue flowers in February, March and April on a well behaved and easily pleased plant, wanting little more than a sunny spot and well-drained soil? The plant is Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ (more often listed under the incorrect name of Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’). It blooms at 3 to 4″ tall and gently spreads to several feet. It’s also evergreen so it doesn’t leave a bare spot in the garden. There are other groundcover veronicas but few that bloom as long or as bright as ‘Georgia Blue’. It’s cultivar name might lead you to believe that it is a native but it was collected in the country of Georgia, so native to the right planet but wrong country. Do combine it with our native creeping phlox. A pool of blue veronica flowers is a perfect companion to the whites, pinks and lavender of Phlox subulata, P. bifida and their hybrids such as Phlox ‘Bedazzled Lavender’ and ‘Bedazzled Pink’ which have already been blooming for a month or more.

2 thoughts on “A Pool of Blue”

  1. Annette Shrader

    I love this plant. I grew it for years and suddenly it disappeared. Actually it and others and I realized lawn service was not good for my ornamental borders. I also found it hard to find in the market place.

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