And Now for Something Completely Different – Pretty Parasols

Plant breeders often get stuck in a rut, copying each other, with only slight variances in each new selection. What makes us stand up and take notice is when a breeder dares to head in a completely different “Pythonian”-like direction. Such is the case with Echinacea ‘Pretty Parasols’, which is in flower now at JLBG. We love this oddity from Belgium’s Jan Spruyt, but am unsure if anyone else will share our excitement. The plant is taller (3′), and much more airy than the form typically seen in other echinacea hybrids. So, what do you think?

Echinacea ‘Pretty Parasols’

20 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different – Pretty Parasols”

  1. I like it! It has presence even with the softer colors. The blooms look quite large and would be great in cut flower arrangements.

  2. Jane Galloway

    I think Pretty Parasols is very attractive. In a residential setting it would probably be best used in the back of a mixed border or as an accent. Is it available for sale?

  3. Love the color gradation, the tall heigh and the downward curving petals that look more like echinacea pallida. The single flower form should make it attractive to pollinators. I’m in!

  4. I like it. My main concern is that it would ‘flop’ after the first decent rain event. How strong are those stems?

  5. Echinaceas readily seed all over my garden, the older ones that is but the newer hybrids are difficult to grow.
    Butterflies and bees love them.
    Love this newer one and would love to grow it!

  6. Waw! Nice that you give so much attention to my new Echinacea. It is indeed a cross between E. purpurea and E. pallida. It is as strong as the most wild pallida and resist all kind of weather circumstances. The correct name is : E. PRETTY PARASOLS ‘JS Engeltje’ PBR.
    JS ( Jan Spruyt) Engeltje : little angel.

    On the website of Plantipp you can find the growers who received a licence to produce.

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