Another great muhly grass, Muhlenbergia rigens…a neglected cousin

Deer Grass for sale buy Muhlenbergia rigens

So many gardeners are now growing the wildly popular Muhlenbergia capillaris, they’ve forgot to checkout some of its great relatives.  Here’s one of my favorites, the truly elegant Muhlenbergia rigens (deer muhly) putting on a heckuva show here at JLBG now.  Native from Texas to California, deer muhly tolerates drought well, but not sloppy wet soils.  Winter hardiness should be Zones 6-9.  I hope you like this as much as I do.

3 thoughts on “Another great muhly grass, Muhlenbergia rigens…a neglected cousin”

  1. Maybe I missed it but I could not find a way to look for it in your catalogue directly from this. I want to know how big it gets. When I put Muhlenbergia rigens in the search, I came right back here to this.

    1. My bad. WordPress just changed the way links are embedded and I obviously didn’t do it correctly, but it’s fixed now so you can click directly to the plant. The mature size in full flower is 6′ tall x 8′ wide. Thanks for your patience.

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