Aucubas in flower

Aucuba japonica male flowers - form A


We have a thing for aucubas that gotten well out of hand.  Of course, you could say the same for many plant groups.  I was photographing in the garden this week and snapped this photo of a male aucuba in flower.  Most people who grow aucubas often opt for females, since they produce nice red fruit, but there will usually be no fruit without a male nearby.  While I love aucuba fruit, I think the males are the most stunning.  How many shrubs do you know that flower in the winter time?  We’d love to offer more male clones if anyone would purchase them.



5 thoughts on “Aucubas in flower”

  1. I’ve got tons of light shade and I’m always looking for flowering evergreens for just this time of year. My other aucubas produce neither (visible) flower nor seed, so bring on the flower-boys! I’ll buy.

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