Canna ‘Cleopatra’…split personality

Canna Cleopatra in flower
Canna x generalis ‘Cleopatra’

Here’s an image we just snapped of one of the craziest canna lilies we grow…Canna ‘Cleopatra’.  The purple and green random leaf patterns (chimeras) are stably unstable.  When the color splits the leaf, the same thing happens on the flower stalk.  Flowers on the purple side of the stalk are red, and those arising from the green side of the stalk are yellow with red spots.  Canna ‘Cleopatra’ is sure to evoke lots of comments in the garden.


1 thought on “Canna ‘Cleopatra’…split personality”

  1. Darla Anderson

    I bought this canna at Plant Delights a few weeks ago. I’m still waiting for it to bloom and can’t wait to see the flower colors. I love the leaf variegation!

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