11 thoughts on “Centrosema vine”

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s the vine I stopped to admire yesterday while running at Umstead. I made a note to try to remember to not yank it out if/when I see it pop up in my woods. Beautiful!

  2. How interesting that I found this little flower in the wild on Tuesday of this week. I went home to look it up and see what it was. I probably would not buy it though.

  3. Yes, I would buy it! My parents have this growing wild in their neighborhood and I have always enjoyed seeing it on walks this time of year. I looked into buying one a while back for my yard, but it didn’t seem to be available.

  4. found one this morning in the middle of a solar field I was inspecting in Florida, took a snap shot for the wife. It seems to be quite happy in very poor sandy soil in direct sunlight.. I mean baking sunlight. It made my day.

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