Check out our Tioga Party

On of our obsessive plant friends, Glen Melcher, of Tioga, Lousiaiana, sent us several seedlings a few years ago, from his cross of Hibiscus paramutabilis x mutabilis. We made our final selection this fall, which we’ve christened Hibiscus ‘Tioga Party’. This 12′ tall x 12′ wide beast puts on quite a show, starting several weeks before the later blooming Hibiscus mutabilis. If you want to really impress your neighbors, I expect this will do the trick. We’ll begin propagation next year, so it should show up in the 2025 Plant Delights catalog. Hardiness Zone 7b-10b.

1 thought on “Check out our Tioga Party”

  1. Well done! I can’t wait to get a Tioga Party, as my Hibiscus mutabilis gets to bloom about 1 in 3 years lately due to frost.

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