This past week I went to our catalog printer in Lynchburg, VA for the press check of our Fall Catalog. The whole scope of the process and vast size of the printing presses is quite fascinating.

A printed copy of the cover off the press is compared to the initial proof and any minor tweaks or color adjustments are made. Once the color is approved, the printer starts up again. It first puts down the yellow components of the cover, followed by the red, green and then blue. Here are some samplings, ending with the final cover!

Look for catalogs to arrive in mailboxes mid-August. You can request a copy here, or you can preview the digital version.

3 thoughts on “CMYK”

  1. Dear Folks at PDN,
    Your covers, past and present, are real treasures. I wish I could purchase them printed on a more substantial stock so I could frame them and hang them in my office.
    Food for thought……..

      1. Since we no longer sell our cover t-shirts, you can have your own t-shirts or office posters printed. By using the link just mentioned, let us know which covers you’d like and we can send you a high rez file that you can use for your printing. There are a number of web companies that can custom print the cover art on a single t-shirt.

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