Coral Bells…Supersize me!

After years of breeders trying to shrink all perennials down to toy train size, there are signs that the trend is finally reversing. One of the best examples for 2018 is Heuchera ‘Lemon Love’ from our friend Hans Hansen at Walters Garden. Imagine a coral bells that grows in excess of 4′ wide!!!  Maturing at 13″ tall x 50″ wide, the bright yellow foliage of Heuchera ‘Lemon Love‘ is sure to be an imposing specimen in your garden. Morning sun or very high/open shade and well-drained soils are best. If enough people are as excited as we are, this could lead to an entire color range of giant coral bells.   Hardiness is Zone 4a-8b. 

9 thoughts on “Coral Bells…Supersize me!”

      1. Thank you, how about in Northern VA, zone 7b? They seem to do better for me in containers in VA than in the ground. Is it because of the heavy clay and issues with drainage?

    1. It has some Heuchera villosa parentage in the background. While Heuchera villosa is considered the gold standard for heat tolerance genetics, we have collected Heuchera americana in southern Arkansas and Alabama that is dramatically more heat tolerant than Heuchera villosa. In other words, it’s not the species that matters, it’s the provenance of the species used.

  1. Do you guys have a reserve system where you can select plants that come in on the daily email and then pay and ship after the last frost? I would be prepared to leave my credit card number.

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