Disporopsis pernyi – Evergreen Solomon’s Seal

Disporopsis pernyi Heronswood form

One of our favorite woodland garden plants is the evergreen solomon’s seal, Disporopsis pernyi.  Here’s a photo I just took to show how good it still looks after several nights around 20 degrees F.  It’s also about as tolerant of deep shade as any plant we grow.  We’ve had reports of it being winter hardy into cold zone 6/warm zone 5, although there it becomes deciduous.

2 thoughts on “Disporopsis pernyi – Evergreen Solomon’s Seal”

  1. It is quite hardy up here in Zone 5 high elevation. Moved it from Zone 7 and was worried but it is tough. Under the shade of a 55 year old Kwanzan Cherry and happy year 2.

  2. I have been growing Disporopsis pernyi for over ten years in what was and still is zone 5. I never tested its shade tolerance, always growing it in partial or open shade. That’s good to know that it will take heavy shade because even though it grows well for me, steadily but not aggressively expanding, I have never been satisfied with how I have used it.

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