Do You Know Your Neighbors

There are many great garden-worthy native plants that are under utilized, not readily available, or not even on the radar of many gardeners. If you aren’t familiar with, or haven’t grown these native beauties, you should get acquainted!

Erigeron is native to all states East of the Mississippi and forms flat evergreen rosettes that are slowly stoloniferous and form a tight mat. In spring, the rosettes are topped with 10″ stalks of light pink daisies. Average-to-dry garden soils in light shade is perfect.

Erigeron pulchellus ‘Meadow Muffin’

Carex radiata is found in eastern North America from Canada to Alabama. ‘Halifax’ is a fine-textured selection we encountered while hiking in Halifax Co., NC. The evergreen 8″ x 8″ mound is a stunning textural addition to the woodland garden and is a great contrast to bold textured woodland plants such as hostas and hellebores.

Carex radiata ‘Halifax’

Engelmannia peristenia is a monotypic genus (only one species) that has proven ridiculously easy to grow. The clumps of fuzzy green leaves are topped from spring into summer with 2′ tall flowering stalks of small yellow daisies. When the flowering stalks begin to fade, simply whack ’em back to the ground and let the flowering continue!

Engelmannia peristenia ‘Bergheim’

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    1. Plant Delights Nursery Staff

      Engelmannia peristenia is native to south-central North America from South Dakota to Texas in open fields and along roadsides.

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