Arbor Day – Look to the Canopy

Happy Arbor Day! As we all move hurriedly through life, focusing on what is directly in front of us, take a moment and look to the canopy. Raise your gaze and be more aware of your total surroundings.

Blooms overhead, the architecture and structure of nature…our place and purpose in this natural world.

Aesculus ‘Briottii’
Pinus taeda ‘Nana’
Trachycarpus fortunei Taylor form
Yucca treculeana var. canaliculata ‘Sasquatch’

1 thought on “Arbor Day – Look to the Canopy”

  1. Marsha McCollum Leutza

    Thank you for this lovely reminder. I read a post by a palm grower in Leucadia, Ca who was saying similar things yesterday. He described “our space” above our garden floors, use it, revel in it. Happy Arbor Day indeed. The birds celebrate this day as well – Happy Nesting Day.

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