Falling Waters in the Garden

Here’s a new photo we just took in the garden that showcases the amazing architecture of xMangave ‘Falling Waters’ when it reaches maturity…pretty amazing!

Find out more about xMangave and their uses as a container specimen on FaceBook @MadAboutMangave.

xMangave ‘Falling Waters’

The genus xmangave is an exotic botanical curiosity that was derived from a cross between an agave and a manfreda. Crosses between two genera are somewhat rare in cultivation and extremely rare in nature. However, agave and manfreda have broken all the rules and ‘hooked up’ on more than one occasion to produce the attractive offspring called x Mangave. The ‘x’ on the left side of Mangave tells you that it is a cross between different genera.

2 thoughts on “Falling Waters in the Garden”

  1. Just googled “Manfreda” to see what they look like, and Wikipedia says that the genus Manfreda is now Agave!
    Will the name ” x Mangave” have to be changed, if it is now to be considered as a cross between two agaves?
    Which is all besides the more important point that ‘Falling Waters’ really is a beauty.

    1. There is an EU taxonomist that has tried to lump agave and manfreda, but this is not valid in our, and many other opinions. If you do that you would also have to say that tuberose (polianthes) is the same as an agave.

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