Fury of the Ocean

One of our favorite ferns is the Lady fern hybrid, Athyrium ‘Ocean’s Fury’. Created in Pittsboro, NC by plantsman Thurman Maness, this patented gem was offered for years through wholesale channels, but sales were not strong enough, so the sole producer discontinued it. So often, great patented plants suddenly become unavailable if sales don’t warrant.

In Europe, any grower can petition the PVR office to request permission to propagate such protected plants, but no such program exists in the US. Fortunately, Thurman has generously granted us permission to propagate his amazing introduction and make it available. That said, division is a very slow way to make ferns available, but since this hybrid between Athyrium filix-femina and Athyrium nipponicum is sterile, it’s our only option.

Athyrium 'Ocean's Fury' at JLGB
Athyrium ‘Ocean’s Fury’

4 thoughts on “Fury of the Ocean”

  1. Why not remake the hybrid (Athyrium filix-femina and Athyrium nipponicum)? Yes, the offspring won’t be uniform, but there might be interesting variations?

  2. I am Thurman Maness, originator of the hybrid fern Oceans fury. It was an accidental cross of two ferns. Fern spores are microscopic and pairing up two specific types is nearly impossible. I originally mixed spores of a ruffled athyrium lady fern and the spores of athyrium nipponicum japonica. (Japanese painted fern) all offspring died off except the current available form.

    1. hello Thurman hope you are well. I purchased some kerria from you a year or so ago and am looking for additonal plants- might you still have available? I can be reached via mobile phone/text at 267-716-4776 or via email at lauriecousart@gmail.com

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