Garden hookups

We always love it when unexpected garden hookups yield unexpected results, and such was the case recently when, under the cover of darkness, two of our holly ferns took a liking to each other. The result of this conjugal interlude is our first hybrid of Cyrtomium fortunei x Cyrtomium falcatum, that we’ve named Cyrtomium x fortatum Spornication. The habit of the hybrid is intermediate between both parents. Now, we’ve just got to figure out how to get it propagated in order to share.

Cyrtomium x fortatum Spornication

2 thoughts on “Garden hookups”

  1. What are the differences between Cyrtomium falcatum and C. fortunei? You said the habit of the hybrid ‘Spornication’ was intermediate between its parents, just wondered what it got or didn’t get from each, or in what way is it better than either parent? It looks like a beautiful fern.

    1. The major difference is the glossy foliage of C. falcatum, compared to the olive matte finish of C. fortunei. We also see differences in the form of each species, with C.falcatum being much more dense and full. The hybrid isn’t better than either plant, simply different…mainly by being quite a bit smaller and with more upright fronds.

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