Glowing Podocarp

Podocarpus macrophyllus ‘Okina’ is looking lovely this winter. This Japanese selection has resided at the base of a large pine tree at JLBG since 2001. We love the white speckled foilage, which really shines in the winter months. Podocarpus macrophyllus is one of a short list of conifers that thrives in the shade of a woodland garden. Our 20 year old plant is now 6′ tall. Hardiness is Zone 7b-10b.

6 thoughts on “Glowing Podocarp”

  1. Ozzie Johnson

    I have a cv. from PDN many years ago with the same cv. name but was narrow upright and only variegated on the new growth ,is there an update on the name or am I mistaken (probable). It now measures 2′ X 13′ .

      1. Ozzie Johnson

        No chance. I have P. ‘Akame’ in my collection.
        The plant in question grows in a mostly sun situation.
        P. ‘Roman Candle’ is more variegated than just the new growth.

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