Green Energy Fern

Our clump of Coniogramme emeiense ‘Green Energy’ is looking fabulous at the end of August. This is one of our selections of bamboo fern we’ve yet to introduce. We love it’s distinctive look, but am not sure if anyone would actually purchase it. What say you? Hardiness Zone 7b – 10b.

Coniogramme emeiense ‘Green Energy’

11 thoughts on “Green Energy Fern”

  1. Oh, maybe I would buy the bamboo fern! It could live here, with quite an assortment of other ferns. Depending upon size, needs, etc…

    But I’m only one person.

  2. I’d want to know specifics-how tall, spread, can it tolerate dry shade? And seeing the word bamboo-is it invasive or potentially a problem?

  3. I live in Zone 7b so a little leery of buying plants at the edge of their range. You many enjoy the plant for years and then one extreme winter it is gone.

    1. That’s certainly true. We’ve killed just over 50,000 different kinds of plants since 1986. Indeed, we all live a different places on the risk/reward spectrum. Some people look at plants like pets…the joy you get from having them even for short time is far greater than grief when their life span ends.

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