Hellebores flew out the door

Wow…you folks are amazing.  It took less than a hour to clear out all 338 of our 2 quart-sized hellebores.  I hope those of you who ordered them get as much enjoyment from watching them flower as we have.  For those who missed out, we are very sorry, but we had no idea they would go as fast as they did…incredible!  Now, on with the potting of next years’ crop of lenten roses for next winters’ open house.  Thanks so much for helping us clear out needed space!

2 thoughts on “Hellebores flew out the door”

  1. Tony and Staff

    we visited Duke Gardens for the very first time about a month ago….they had tons of hellebores…however, all had 0 color..nothing to them…what did they do wrong?

    1. Without seeing them in person, my guess is that the color had already faded by then. There is always a possibility of older plants being installed before the colors were bred to be as vivid as they are today, but I’m betting the flowers were simply faded.

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