Crinum hildebrandtii

Crinum hildebrandtii PDN002

I recently snapped this garden photo of the little known crinum lily, Crinum hildebrandtii.  For us, this is the first crinum lily to flower each season, even earlier than Crinum bulbispermum.  We were thrilled to see it sail through this winter with no protection, despite being native to Madagascar.

2 thoughts on “Crinum hildebrandtii”

  1. Carolyn Tucker

    Sorry about your computer, but glad to know that may be why you have ignored my emails. I have a credit of over $450.00 and asked to receive it in several plants, but received no answer.

    1. Carolyn – Thanks for your note, and our sincere apologies. Emails should still come through…can you please let us know when you emailed and to which email address so we can investigate. I’ll forward this to our shipping department, who will be in touch asap. Many thanks!

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