In flower this week is the amazing evergreen Magnolia ‘Inspiration’. This extremely floriferous hybrid is a cross of Magnolia doltsopa x laevifolia, often sold incorrectly as a selection of the latter. Very few nurserymen still grow it because it grew too fast in containers…what an odd problem. Our ten year-old specimen is now 15′ tall x 15′ wide, and is nearing its mature size. Hardiness Zone 7b-10b.

Magnolia ‘Inspiration’
Magnolia ‘Inspiration’

3 thoughts on “Inspirational”

  1. Ruhren Douglas

    This splendid Magnolia is also very fragrant and pleasantly so. I noticed its fragrance on the air as I zipped by this morning on my golfcart while the temperature was still below 40 degrees.

  2. Does this Magnolia grow only close to the ground or does it grow as a tree? If so how tall and wide will it get?

    1. Great question. The introducer said that it matured at 10′ tall, but our plant is already 15′ tall x 15′ wide. We’re not aware of a taller one. The only way to make it more treelike is to remove the lower limbs.

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