Intermingling in the Garden

We love intermingling plants, often planting more than one type in the same space, where their growth habits allow them to comfortably co-exist. Here is a three year-old planting where we used ‘Gold Queen’ Hyacinth among a patch of our North American native groundcover juniper, Juniperus horizontalis ‘Bar Harbor’. Despite what many folks seem to think, there are no laws that plants in the garden can’t touch each other, so how about some more hand-holding in the garden.

1 thought on “Intermingling in the Garden”

  1. I love this. Intermingling is when it starts to get exciting. I gave a talk at one of our wonderful local Athens, GA, nurseries, Cofers, a couple of weeks ago (for their 100th year celebration!) and I said “Touching is allowed in the garden,” and chuckles from the audience followed. Reminds me of Thomas Rainer’s great blog and his essay on our American “addiction to mulch.” Keep on the great work, PDN!!

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