It’s all about that base

We obviously love flowers, but there’s nothing that gets us more excited than great basal foliage, especially when it emerges in late winter. Such is the case with the little-known Southeast native, Packera x memmingeri. It’s so little known that JLBG images are the only live plant photos you’ll find on-line. In the wild, it grows in light shade/part sun on rocky outcrops. It also has a lovely floral show, which we feature later, but we look forward to getting this great native propagated and available to share.

Packera x memmingeri

2 thoughts on “It’s all about that base”

    1. That’s a great question, but since it’s completely new to horticulture, we really don’t know. An educated guess would say, at least Zone 6b-8b, but it could possible take much colder temperatures.

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