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If you’re a gardener, especially one who likes to stay in touch, there are few things more annoying than those hard-sided cell phone cases that come standard when you buy a new cell phone. I constantly found those hard plastic swivel belt clips beyond aggravating, when bending down working in the garden. I lost track of how many time the clip and my belt separated, tossing my cell phone into everything from ponds to spiny cactus.

Searching on-line, I discovered these amazing soft side cell phone cases with dual belt straps, that turned out to be a godsend for a gardener. I’m now on my third, with each one lasting several years before I simply wore out the threads. So if you’ve cursed your current hard-sided case every time it leaps from your belt, give these a try. There are many brands out there, but our favorite is a Zeato Tactical brand.

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk cells”

  1. Thanks for the phone case info. So kind of you to take the time to share your recommendation…but what is a female gardener to do who doesn’t wear a belt

    1. Not being as familiar with women’s attire as I probably should be, would a fashionable tool belt work? If not, perhaps some of the many women’s belt options I see on-line. I know many folks just stick them in their pockets, but there’s just something about having a radiation-emmitting device that close to my skin that bothers me.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ve got that fashionable tool belt, and it works just fine for the phone, but always looking for better options when the tool belt is not needed.
    And I understand the radiation-emitting device concern, but the tool belt does have it’s own hazards…like when I put the hand pruners in the wrong place and jab the ole’ leg when I bend over.

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