Let’s Twist Again, Like we did Last Summer

Our title is obviously borrowed from the 1961 Chubby Checker song, which few people reading this, probably remember. Abutilon ‘Twister’ is looking absolutely elegant now in the fall garden. This amazing flowering maple hybrid from the folks at California’s Monterrey Bay Nursery, has thrived here since 2005, enduring several single digit F. winters. For us, this Abultilon megapotamicum hybrid flowers all summer, but the fall show is truly exceptional. For us, it makes a 4′ tall x 7′ wide clump. We’re not sure why we’ve never got around to sharing this, but we’ll remedy that for 2025. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10b, at least)

Abutilon ‘Twister’

2 thoughts on “Let’s Twist Again, Like we did Last Summer”

  1. I will look forward to seeing this offered in 2025. As to not remembering the Twist….hah! That was THE thing then…my sophomore year at Michigan…I lost 2″ off my waist!

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