Loving Winter

Here’s a garden image this week with two Southeast US native spring ephemerals, both of which emerge in the middle of winter and are dormant by summer. The Trillium underwoodii is surrounded by a patch of Cardamine bulbosa ‘Fairy Lights’. Both should be in full flower in another 3-4 weeks. How much is going on in your winter garden now?

Trillium underwoodii and Cardamine bulbosa ‘Fairy Lights’

5 thoughts on “Loving Winter”

  1. Glad you love winter, Tony. I hate it -the cold, the clouds and especially the snow which is covering all my plants. First it was the Chesapeake in my yard and now its the snow and cold! But now that the northern hemisphere is beginning to tilt toward the sun things will start to look better.

  2. Love your posts. When I check my email each morning, yours are ones I almost always read first. They brighten my day, give me a lift, are not controversial or terribly time-consuming, are sometimes humorous, and often educational or inspiring. Thank you!

    I’ve just about finished building a fence to keep the deer out of my backyard. Looking forward to buying some Trilliums!

  3. My winter garden is very quiet! At least from the top, Im sure there are things going on underground that I can not see.
    Winter is a time I can really focus on my house plants. They are what get me through the cold and snowy winter here in NH. I wish I could stroll through my garden and see the beauty of what your picture shows!

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