Lunch in the Garden

Anole on Hedera Cheju1Anole on Hedera Cheju2

Here are a couple of images from this weekend in the garden.  The Carolina anoles are ravenous this time of year.  This one thought it was in heaven, perched atop an adult Hedera rhombea, which attracts more insects than virtually any plant we grow.  It was picking off ants as fast as it could digest them…look closely in its mouth (2nd image).  I wish we could encourage more people to garden for wildlife.

1 thought on “Lunch in the Garden”

  1. What great photos. Just returned from a trip to JC Raulston arboretum. Envied your weather and now I envy your critters. I was pleased to see that Raulston and NCSU is hooking up with Longwood Gardens — which is in my neighborhood — for some online classes next year.

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