Oxalis bowiei

Oxalis deppei5

One of our best fall flowering perennials each year is the amazing South Africa Oxalis bowiei.  Although it’s completely summer dormant, it more than makes up for lost time with its incredible flowering in the fall season and again in spring.  Here is it in one of our rock garden sections today…after our first light frost.

2 thoughts on “Oxalis bowiei”

  1. What a lovely plant! And what a treat to have the long blooming period starting in fall!

    Would you happen to know if Oxalis is on the preferred buffet list for deer and rabbits, or not?

    And will it work in normal garden soil, or does it want arid/extremely fast-draining? I noticed the yellow flowered oxalis you have is pictured with gravel underneath. Can’t tell if there is mulch or gravel under this pink one.

    1. No experience with oxalis and deer, but hopefully we’ll get some comments. Normal garden soil is fine…these are growing in our native loam mixed with compost. These are also mulched as is all of our garden with shredded bark.

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