Messin’ with Mazus

One of the great groundcovers for small spaces is the Asian (SE China, Korea, and Japan) native, Mazus miquelii. For us, this 1-2″ tall, stunning groundcover bursts forth in flower, starting for us in mid-March. Its soil preference is for average to moist growing conditions. Recent taxonomic work has shown all material known commercially as Mazus reptans is actually Mazus miquelii, so time for label changes. We recommend using this around larger plants where it has good competition to keep it in bounds, since it’s a fairly rapid spreader.

Mazus miquelii

2 thoughts on “Messin’ with Mazus”

  1. This is lovely. Will it live well in ‘bul tallow” (now amended) soils? Sizes and prices please. Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea about bull tallow adaptability. Since Plant Delights doesn’t currently carry it, you’ll need to search for an on-line vendor.

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