Mindfulness in the garden today

I was thinking about Anita’s Mindfulness class next weekend, and thought I’d take another ice walk this morning and see what I’d observe if I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  For those who are familiar with mindfulness, it’s simply, being present, which most of aren’t….learn more here.  Below are a few images from my stroll. bird tracks in ice

Bird footprints

Cat tracks in ice

Feline footprints

Footprint and catprint in ice

Homo sapiens followed by hungry feline

Footprint in ice3

Homo sapiens trying to escape hungry feline

Possum print in ice

Something playing possum in the snow

Deer tracks in ice2

Deer, Deer…footprints of a wood goat.

water flow print in ice


Water flow frozen in place.   Snow and ice are like website cookies….they make it really easy to track visitors and see where they go.

Ice swirl

Nature art….a cool, make that cold, puddle of water.

Deer fence in ice Deer fence in ice5 Deer fence in ice6

Who thinks of deer fence (above) as an interesting winter art feature in the garden?  Mindfulness allows you to see things you might normally miss.

Goat trials in ice


One of our research areas clothed in ice




9249 patio toward east in ice storm

Just outside our back door this morning.

Grevelia Poorinda Leane in flower in ice

Grevellia ‘Poorinda Leane’ isn’t missing a beat.

Nothoscordum sellowianum buds under ice

and Nothoscordum sellowianum keeps on flowering.  Remember….spring is coming soon! We hope to see you at Anita’s Mindfulness class on January 30, 10am-noon.

6 thoughts on “Mindfulness in the garden today”

  1. Beautiful photos, Tony. We have been in MT visiting Big Sky ski resort and Yellowstone with magnificent scenery. How can I share some of my photos with you? We also saw incredible wildlife including bison, elk and coyote. We were not able to get back to our home in northern VA because of the massive snow there( 2 ft in our neighborhood and 3ft for my husband’s brother in Leesburg). We are spending a few days at our second home in Emerald Isle. It s beautiful here and I’m not anxious to get back to Dunn Loring, but eventually we do have to go back to work for the government!

  2. Awesome pictures – along with an as expected wonderful commentary. I fell bad that you got such a horrific storm, but as you have shown us, beauty can be found in many more places.

  3. Wow,
    Seems Lady Anita’s primary student and devotee has evolved a remarkable ability to focus on the moment!
    (a talent I would love to achieve). The images specially of the deer fence were insightful and moving, Thank you Tony. I wish the Mindfulness class was online…I would love to experience it! (is this a possibility for the future?)

  4. Laura Sonnichsen

    I think your photos are a great way to “illustrate” mindfulness. It gives a nice personal sort of view into what YOU like, which is great.

    When I lived in the NY/NJ area I used to frequent Wave Hill, which was a very beautiful place. There was a stepping stone there that said, “Ever present, never twice the same.” I think that fits in well with Mindfulness!

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