More coastal NC botanizing

Katie with katydid2

Here are a few more photos from my recent coastal NC botanizing trip.  This was the first time for my stepdaughter Katie to join me in the field, and here she is with her namesake, katydid, dining on the fall-flowering carphephorus.

Myrica cerifera A28NC-018.2

Lots of cool woody plants including this amazing dwarf wax myrtle, Myrica cerifera…a perfect dwarf 30″ tall x 30″ wide…no pruning ever required.

Cornus florida nice clone in Croatan NF

I was truly shocked to find Cornus florida (dogwood) growing in the swamps and looking this great in the early fall.  This clone with extra large leaves looked like something I’d expect in early spring…no signs of mildew or leaf spot, and obviously very tolerant of standing water. Liquidambar styraciflua A28NC

This variegated Liquidambar (sweet gum) wasn’t bad either…now, to get it grafted.

Sarracenia habitat at Croatan NF

Much of the land in this area is a longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) /wiregrass savannah..sandy soils with a very high water table and regular flooding.Sarracenia purpurea Giant at Croatan NF3

If you look close among the “weeds” you’ll find large patches of Sarracenia purpurea (pitcher plants), that dine on unsuspecting insects.

Sarracenia catesbiae clone at Croatan NF

In this area, two pitcher plant species grow together, S. purpurea and S. flava.  The swamp gets kind of lonely at night, and to no surprise, we found the hybrid of the two species, Sarracenia x catesbaei growing nearby.Giant spider in Croatan NF

There was also lots of non-plant life….as you can imagine, quite a few mosquitos, but also this magnificent giant spider.

Fire ant mound in Croatan NF2

…and everyone’s favorite, fire ant mounds galore.  I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey!

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