Upright spider plant – Chlorophytum columbrianum

Chlorophytum columbrianum in flower

One of the frustrations of offering little-known cool plants is quite often these plants won’t sell because folks aren’t familiar with them.  Here’s a great example from the garden today, the South African spider plant, Chlorophytum columbrianum.  This stunning fall bloomer is an incredible perennial, providing a superb form and show in the fall garden.  Over a four year period, we only sold 79 plants…less than 20 per year.  Unfortunately, these low numbers aren’t enough for us to keep it in production, so this summer, we dumped out the remainder of our crop, and yes, that hurt.  So, here’s what you missed.  Perhaps in the future, we’ll try again…especially if enough of you say that you like it…let us hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Upright spider plant – Chlorophytum columbrianum”

  1. I like it! Trying to think where I could put one of these should you decide to restock them in the future. I’m sure I’d have a place!

  2. Im installing news gardens. This time I’m being careful and intentional with my plantings. This one would be a great statement in a recently refurbished rock bed. Sorry I missed it!

  3. I think any plant you post about, will get people excited about it. So in the future, if you have a plant you want to sell, post about it to get people educated and informed and buying.

      1. Maybe posting the ones you are contemplating dumping would generate enough interest (with the threat of dumping if no one replies) to generate enough sales to keep them in production

  4. T
    If you don’t offer the little known then who will. Sorry I missed this one but my focus, for now, is species Hippeastrums. Keep offering plants that you fancy & people will discover your site & the great plants you offer.

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