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PDN alumnus, Jared Chauncey brought this Carex glaucescens back from a botanizing trip to Georgia a few years ago.  We’ve been very impressed as it’s grown into a lovely specimen.  So, would you purchase one if we were to offer it?  Winter hardiness is probably Zone 6-9, at least.

19 thoughts on “New carex”

  1. Attractive seed heads but overall impression is that it looks rather floppy vs. the more graceful, fountain-like habit of other Carex.

  2. I don’t think it’s all that attractive–too tired looking and not an interesting color. I would probably not purchase it if you were to offer it.

  3. Grass that will grow in part shade? Yes, definitely! Deer resistant? I’m betting it is. It’s beautiful.

  4. Absolutely YES! Always looks for new and interesting native carex. Especially if it offers habitat and seeds for wildlife. Are we sure it will tolerate zone 7, specifically Memphis, TN?
    I actually like the dangling seed heads: reminds me of fish dangling from a fishing pole, not that I have any interest in fishing! But it does add great interest.

  5. It is pretty, but I prefer Carex glauca (flacca) ‘Blue Zinger’, which has the same pretty pendulous flowers, but a lovely blue color and a tighter growth habit (at least in the half sun I grow it in).

  6. Ozzie Johnson

    I agree with most of the comments that I have read both positive and negative. What would sell me on the plant is an image of the plant in a garden setting so one could see the plant’s characteristics juxtaposed. It helps us right side of brain thinkers .

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