Sounding more like a soft drink/crayon combination, Orangeola is actually a stunning selection of weeping, dissected, purple-leaf Japanese maple. Our oldest specimen at JLBG is now 27 years old, and measures 5′ tall x 12′ wide…sorry that size doesn’t really match what you’ll find on-line. We think it’s one of the most handsome clones we grow.

2 thoughts on “Orangeola”

  1. I happen to be lucky enough to have this variety at my home. I purchased (and paid for the planting) this some 20 years ago, and have never regretted this! Mine is a “high-graft” and is also about 5 feet tall and 12 feet wide. I almost lost it 2-3 years ago (I live in Zone 5A) with a most horrible winter/early spring! However, I was able to save about 75% of it – I did lose a section that faced directly south (fortunately out of my view from my home).

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