Ouch…my head hurts

I arrived home Friday afternoon to find the power out. The big bang we’d heard minutes earlier was a likely distracted driver in a black pickup truck, directly in front of our home, taking out its aggression on a defenseless light pole. It took until the wee hours of the morning to get the pole replaced and the lines re-hung, but thank goodness, no plants were harmed and the driver seemed in remarkably good shape…other than what was most likely a really bad headache the following morning.

3 thoughts on “Ouch…my head hurts”

  1. WOW! What a photo! The “distracted” driver would seem to have been driving at a v-e-r-y good clip to move that “defenseless” light pole as far as it did. Glad all JLBC folk…and all plants…were spared. Sure miss coming to visit several times a year…bringing along my lifelong friend. But, after the death of her husband, she moved from Charlottesville to Seattle.
    And, I’m not driving right now anyway. Will hope maybe later. Catalog orders just 2 expensive 4 me.

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