Photos from the winter garden

Erythronium mesochorum A1AR-037b in flower

The native midwestern trout lily, Erythronium mesochorum showed it’s lovely face for the first time this week.  We sowed lots of seed last year, so hopefully we’ll have enough to share in a couple more years.


Helleborus niger Jesko forming seed

Even after the early flowers of the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, finish, the lovely green petals and developing seed pods are quite attractive.

Iris unguicularis v. cretensis Katsifu Gorge flower

The Iris unguicularis have been amazing this winter.  This is our collection from Crete, where they grew in large grass-like masses.  Although this clone isn’t as floriferous as some we grow, the intensity of the color is quite special, and like all of the forms from Crete, the foliage is quite short.  We may have enough of this for a 2017 introduction.

Pachysandra procumbens Angola in flower

For the first time in several years, we are able to share our superb collection of  the native, evergreen Pachysandra procumbens ‘Angola’, that we collected near Angola prison.  This is the earliest, most vigorous, and most fragrant flowering form of this superb native that we’ve ever encountered.


Silene virginica Jackson Valentine winter rosette


Not only is Silene virginiana ‘Jackson Valentine’ superb in flowers, but it’s also pretty nice with its purple winter foliage.

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