For 2020, we’ve added over 90+ new plants in the catalog, with more than 50 being Plant Delights Nursery exclusives, thanks to the incredible work of our staff who scour the world, in addition to our own selecting and breeding, to bring you these amazing new plants. View the digital version here!

As we allude to on the cover, keeping up with the plant name change carousel is a feat itself. Continual advances in DNA are revealing relationships we never dreamed possible. When a name change is supported by good research and conclusions, we include both names for several years, since the purpose of nomenclature is about facilitating communications. We apologize for what often seems like confusing name changing, but really, we have more nomenclatural clarity now than ever.

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  1. Dang, PDN!
    Your resident Horticultural Cartoonist is always on point and the caricatures are priceless.
    We want t-shirts !!!!! Please share. We (demand?, err “ask”, hmmm BEG for) the right to wear Hort Politics on our sleeves!

  2. Hi Deb; We had to give up selling t-shirts because it was impossible to stock all the sizes needed to fit all of our customers. Ordering individual t-shirts on-line now is so easy for anyone now, so if you’d like, we’d be glad to share the artwork so you can make your own.

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