Purple Haze Cat Nip

Nepeta Purple Haze by gh10Here’s a shot I took of my favorite catnip in the garden, Nepeta ‘Purple Haze’.  It’s been looking like this for the past few weeks in the garden.  It looks quite different from other catnips on the market, but we think it’s pretty special. Full sun and well-drained soil are all it requires.


8 thoughts on “Purple Haze Cat Nip”

  1. Laura Sonnichsen

    It is beautiful. Is that fiber optic grass in front? Is is catnip or catmint – please straighten me out.

  2. I got some from you a few years ago and it is beautiful. I also love the variegated carex. It has doubled in size in 3 years.

  3. I see a flowering pitcher plant just a short distance from the catmint in the photo. How do you grow this water loving plant so close to the water hating catmint?

    1. Great question. It’s all about habitat creation. We have many areas in the garden, where we grow pitcher plants beside cacti, agaves, or other dryland plants. Bogs can be constructed anywhere there is a supply of water, simply by using a pond liner. We think small gardens are so much more interesting when an array of different habitats are created near each other.

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