Rain, followed by Rain Lilies

Our nearly 2″ rain, a few days ago, produced a stunning show of rain lilies in the garden.  Here are some selections from the original Yucca Do collection in Labuffa, Mexico. Between July and October, these flower 2-3 days after each rain. Winter hardiness of each is Zone 7b, although, they may possibly survive in Zone 7a.  They also make fabulous container specimens.

Zephyranthes ‘Early and Often’ (a Yucca Do selection)

Zephyranthes ‘Lily Pies’ (a Yucca Do selection) 

Zephyranthes ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ (a Yucca Do selection)

Zephyranthes ‘Star Spangled’ (a Yucca Do selection)

Zephyranthes ‘Viva Las Vegas’ (a Plant Delights selection for 2018 release)

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