Randy Rohdeas

One of the most interesting discoveries over the last few years, is the realization that our rohdeas are mating with other rohdea species in the garden. Below is our first documented hybrid between the commonly grown Rohdea japonica and the little-known Taiwan native, Rohdea chinensis var. watanabei. We use the name Rohdea x japensis for this group of hybrids. In this case, the seed came from a plant of Rohdea chinensis var. watanabei below.

The Taiwanese endemic Rohdea chinensis var. watanabei is taxonomically subsumed by most authorities into the larger Rohdea chinensis, despite it being quite different from true Rohdea chinensis var. chinensis. We think it is deserving of species status, and are confident this will be restored one day. The rohdea problem is no different than mainland China trying to subsume Taiwan, when the two behave quite differently. The hybrids show a range of intermediate leaf shapes and forms.

Rohdea x japensis

Rohdea chinensis var. watanabei
Rohdea chinensis var. chinensis

3 thoughts on “Randy Rohdeas”

  1. Can’t wait to see more rohdeas for sale on your site! I was excited to see the excellent selection of Aspidistra, but sad to see only one rohdea. Might there be more coming later this year?

    1. Yes, we have dozens in various stages of production, but once we sell out of a variety, it may be a decade before we have enough to offer it again.

      1. Now that they are a new “addiction” for me, I will try to do a better job of watching for new ones as they are added to your list.

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