Reproduction in the Garden today

From the flora side of the garden, the lovely sacred lily, Rohdea japonica is flowering today.  Our bet is that many folks have never slowed down long enough to actually see a rohdea flower, but if you look close, you’ll see the pollen is ready for hybridizing.

Representing the garden fauna, we are loaded to gills will Kildeer this year.  One nest of five has already hatched and squawking incessantly, but two more mothers including this one have a secure space in our parking lot.  Of course, our fox family has also been keeping a close eye out for the blessed event.


6 thoughts on “Reproduction in the Garden today”

  1. Ooo – you have a fox family – lucky you! Where I live (suburban – about 4 miles from a nature preserve) I have seen only 1 time in 20+ years a fox chasing a rabbit in my back yard.

  2. I love that your foxes sleep in your greenhouse! We have them in our neighborhood, also wild turkeys – not sure how they co-exist. Great post, loved the lily and the bird(s).

  3. We’ve had a fox family for around 10 years, also. We call all our foxes “Banshee’, and all our opossums ‘Oscar’. Our Banshees have excellent manners, waiting patiently to eat with our outdoor cats. In fact, they fear our cats, but not us. The Oscars and our cats have adopted an uneasy truce of avoidance. We would prefer no Oscars, (or raccoons!), in our yard. However, we’ve learned to just to laugh and enjoy.

  4. Elliott Killian

    Plants, Birds, Foxes. You have a little ecosystem going on in your backyard. Predator prey model in full effect.

  5. I also have the occasional opossum wander through the back end of my yard, along with a skunk or two and racoons. A few years ago, a hawk caught a blackbird or crow (I am not sure which since I did not have my contacts in). Our hawk cruises our neighborhood fairly regularly – I can tell when he is around because all the birds get very, very quiet. My next-door neighbor get upset, but I keep explaining that that is truly “nature at it’s best”.

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