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Rhus typhina 'Baltiger'

Tiger Eyes looking at you

Rhus typhina ‘Baltiger’ (Tiger Eyes staghorn sumac) is looking glorious this week, staged behind a mass of Hymenocallis ‘Tropical Giant’. The native Rhus typhina typically doesn’t love our hot summers, with a native range that runs primarily from Maine to Minnesota. Although there are a few disjunct southern populations of the species, all of the

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Tephrosia virginiana

A Legendary Legume

I’m amazed that everyone with a dry sun garden doesn’t grow the amazing native (Wisconsin south to Florida) legume, Tephrosia virginiana, commonly known as Virginia goat’s rue. Here is our clump this week, thriving in the crevice garden. They certainly don’t require a crevice garden as long as the soils dries quickly after a rain.

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Mr. Russell’s Mahonia

Mahonias have long been garden staples, but few people have ever seen or tried the rare Mahonia russellii. Discovered in 1984 in Vera Cruz, Mexico by the UK’s James Russell, this member of the “paniculate” clan of mahonias is more closely related to other Southern Mexico and Central American species, than anything most of us

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Mahonia and Mahomes…Brilliant Winter Performances

We love Sundays in late fall and early winter when we can observe brilliant performances from both Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, as well as his plantsake, Mahonia x media ‘Winter Sun’. Here’s a 6 year-old clump in full bloom now in the JLBG gardens. This is a superb way for honeybees to get

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