Tiger Eyes looking at you

Rhus typhina ‘Baltiger’ (Tiger Eyes staghorn sumac) is looking glorious this week, staged behind a mass of Hymenocallis ‘Tropical Giant’. The native Rhus typhina typically doesn’t love our hot summers, with a native range that runs primarily from Maine to Minnesota. Although there are a few disjunct southern populations of the species, all of the commercial selections are from more northerly climates. Since staghorn sumac can be an aggressive spreader, our summer heat helps keep it from taking over, so we’re left with this lovely, manageable display.

Rhus typhina ‘Baltiger’

4 thoughts on “Tiger Eyes looking at you”

  1. Hi,

    Would you be able to identify the beautiful and lush plants that are in front of the Rhus. Looks like a type of Crinum ?
    Live on the west coast in a zone 8b climate that is roughly equivalent to your 7b/8a climate because of our lack of heat compared to you folks.

    Really enjoy the daily plant posts.


  2. Sorry disregard my post asking for the name of the plants in front of the Rhus.
    I see it in the description now. I was just fixated on the nice photo.

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