hardy aroids

Colocasia affinis 'Jenningsii'

Little Elephants

Emerging from their winter rest in mid-June are the miniature elephant ears. These little-known plants make fascinating garden specimens (Zone 7b south), and great container specimens further north. All of these mature at around 1-1.5′ tall, when happy. They are slow spreaders via very short rhizomes. By far, the fastest grower of the bunch is

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Arum 'Chui'

Easy to Spot

Arum ‘Chui’, a purported hybrid between Arum italicum (unspotted flowers) and Arum dioscoridis (heavily spotted flowers), is hard to miss as it puts on it’s early spring flowering show. Bothe leaves and inflorescences are heavily spotted on this excellent selection. This gem comes from UK plantsman extraordinaire, John Grimshaw. We’ll probably be chopping into our

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Arisaema ringens

Jumping Jacks

The earliest of the Jack-in-the-pulpit species have begun to flower, starting with the consistently early Arisaema ringens. All of the arisaema shown below are woodland plants that thrive in rich, but well-drained, average to slightly moist (mesic) soils. Explore our full arisaema collection. Next in line this spring was the alluring Japanese, Arisaema mayebarae. A

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Orontium aquaticum

Out Clubbing

Last week, we made a short foray to pick up some spaghnum for the bog gardens we constructed last year, and it was great to see the native golden club, Orontium aquaticum already in flower. This fascinating aroid needs a bog with shallow water to survive. These plants were growing in very deep shade, but

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